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The MIT Transit Lab takes a multidisciplinary approach to solving public transit challenges. While MIT Transit Lab students are typically enrolled in the Master of Science in Transportation (MST) Program at MIT, students also come from other MIT programs, such as the Master of City Planning and Interdisciplinary PhD in Transportation. Students from our partner lab at Northeastern University are also involved in Transit Lab research projects. You can find out more about these programs at the links below.

Students are assigned to work with one of the Transit Lab's agency partners on high-impact projects throughout the duration of their programs. Students meet regularly with representatives at the agency and deliver presentations for key milestones. Work during the semester is supplemented by internships at the agency's offices during the summer.

The MIT Mobility Initiative can provide additional information about transportation education at MIT. Any interested parties should visit the Mobility Initiative website and subscribe to the newsletter for ongoing updates.


Prospective students are encouraged to review the admissions pages at the links below. If you have any additional questions about joining the Transit Lab, feel free to reach out to the Transit Lab at

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