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These are the faculty and staff driving the research effort at the MIT Transit Lab.

Anson Stewart

Deputy Director & Research Scientist

Anson Stewart is a Research Scientist in DUSP and Lead for Analysis and Research at a small software firm. He researches how public transportation can shape more sustainable and accessible cities, drawing on collaborations with planning professionals and community groups, international perspectives, and experience developing cloud-based software to analyze large transportation datasets.

Jim Aloisi

Lecturer of Transportation Policy and Planning

Jim Aloisi is a Boston-based lecturer, writer, transit advocate and strategic consultant. In addition to serving as Massachusetts Secretary of Transportation in the Administration of Governor Deval Patrick, Jim's public service includes service on the Boston Human Rights Commission, the Massachusetts Transportation Finance Commission and the Massachusetts Port Authority Board. Jim teaches a graduate course in Transportation Policy and Planning.

John Attanucci

Lecturer, Research Associate and Manager of the MIT Transit Research Program

John specializes in public transport management, fare policy, information technology, and short-term planning and operations, and manages several graduate student research projects sponsored by large public transport and private agencies in London, Chicago and Boston.

Haris Koutsopoulos

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Northeastern University

Haris N. Koutsopoulos is a Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Northeastern University in Boston, and research affiliate with the Transit Research Program at MIT.

Hui Kong

Postdoctoral Associate

Hui is a Postdoctoral Associate at MIT Transit Lab and JTL Urban Mobility Lab. She is currently working on projects with CTA on the relationship between shared mobility and public transit, and with WRI-Brasil on public transit user satisfaction modeling.

Peyman Noursalehi

Postdoctoral Associate

Peyman is a Postdoctoral Associate at MIT Transit Lab and Urban Mobility Lab. He is currently working on projects with Transport for London, as well as the Mass Transit Railway in Hong Kong, working on integration of public transit and autonomous mobility-on-demand services.

Elena Renda

Visiting Scholar

M. Elena Renda is an IT researcher within the WiNeMA Research Team at IIT - CNR in Pisa, Italy, and from 2016 she is also a visiting scholar with JTL lab.

Fred Salvucci

Senior Lecturer and Senior Research Associate

Frederick Salvucci, senior lecturer and senior research associate, is a civil engineer with interest in infrastructure, urban transportation and public transportation. He has over 30 years of contextual transportation experience, most of it in the public sector as former Secretary of Transportation for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (1983-1990) and transportation advisor to Boston Mayor Kevin White (1975-1978).

Andrew Whittle

Edmund K. Turner Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Andrew J. Whittle is the Edmund K. Turner Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Nigel Wilson

Professor Emeritus

Professor Nigel Wilson has more than 30 years experience dealing with operations, management and planning issues associated with transit systems worldwide. His research and teaching focus on urban public transportation, including topics related to the operation, analysis, planning and management of transit systems.

Shenhao Wang

Postdoctoral Associate

Shenhao Wang is a Postdoctoral Associate at MIT Urban Mobility Lab. His research interest is the interaction of machine learning, decision-making theories, and urban transportation applications.

Jinhua Zhao

Edward H. and Joyce Linde Associate Professor of City and Transportation Planning

Jinhua Zhao is the Edward H. and Joyce Linde Associate Professor of City and Transportation Planning in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT. Prof. Zhao brings behavioral science and transportation technology together to shape travel behavior, design mobility systems, and reform transportation policies.

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